American artist Chella Man is exploring the notion of identity as a thought-provoking artist, sculptor, writer, performer, filmmaker, curator and advocate. Drawing on his experience as a deaf, genderfluid, Chinese and Jewish transgender man, Man emphasizes the role of joy, self-love and visibility, as they use non-traditional social media to dismantle the myths society fosters about ableism, genderism, sexuality and race.  Their role as the superhero “Jericho,” the son of the villain on the DC Comics tv series Titans has helped to bring awareness to Chella Man’s message and positive approach to advocacy continue to inspire many as they affirm their own identity. Their brave and candid book, Continuum has been called “a primer for anyone, searching for themselves and yearning to learn about others.”

“All of my identity lies on a continuum. My identity cannot be defined by a single term” Chella Man

(Please note: the bio uses the pronouns “they” and “their,” which are Chella Man’s preferred pronouns of identification.)



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